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50% Off 2+ Night Rentals

Why rent?


Available for pick up in the Loop or delivery via Postmates, we pack our rentals into easily transportable bags to carry whether you’re taking the train or tossing gear into your trunk.


Need a tent but not a sleeping bag? No problem! Choose only the items you need and the dates that work for your schedule. If you have a unique trip you’re planning, let us know and we can help.


Buying all of the quality gear you need for a trip can quickly top $1000. With renting, you save money and storage space by paying for the gear only when you’re using it.


For every order, Foryst plants a tree via our partner, One Tree Planted. Besides trees, renting products reduces the amount of time gear spends sitting in a closet and reduces the likelihood that it will end up in a landfill.

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