About Foryst

Making it easier and more sustainable to
enjoy the outdoors.

Foryst is the peer-to-peer platform for sharing outdoor gear. We
connect our customers with gear owners across the country to help
facilitate new outdoor adventures. We believe everyone should have the
opportunity to explore nature, and by sharing gear, we reduce the costs
for new outdoor goers while allowing existing explorers to fund their
own adventures.

Our gear owners love the outdoors and use their gear on their own
adventures. This means customers rent equipment that people actually
want to use. By creating a way to share outdoor gear, we aim to reduce
the amount of waste that ends up in our natural spaces and create a
community of outdoor advocates.

Our Gear

Our gear owners post gear in all areas of the
outdoors. Check out Foryst’s Help Center to learn more about our damage policies and how you’re covered.

Water Sports
Winter Sports

Our Sustainability Mission

We’re passionate about the outdoors and even more passionate about
sustainability. While sharing gear reduces waste, we take it a step further by
planting 1 tree for every order and organizing park clean up events. Our
goal is to make as big of a positive impact on our natural spaces as possible.

One Tree Planted

Reduced Waste

Park Clean Up Events

Where is Foryst?

Made in Chicago, Foryst is expanding across the country to make it
easier for even more people to enjoy the outdoors. Don’t see your city
on the map? Let us know!

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