About Foryst Rentals

Foryst Rentals color logo is a magical night sky with a silhouette of pine trees.

We make it easier and more sustainable to enjoy the outdoors.

After a decade living in the city, we found ourselves increasingly frustrated with how difficult, expensive, and unsustainable it is to leave Chicago to enjoy nature for the weekend. Our inspiration for Foryst Rentals struck after a weekend trip to the UP where we wanted to spend two days cross country skiing. Instead, we spent over $200 buying snowshoes to spend 6 hours enjoying the snow in the limited daylight. Rental shops either didn’t have skis or their hours made it impossible for us to rent and drop off the rental before driving back to Chicago. 

Unsurprisingly, our snowshoes sat in our closet for years only to be used maybe once or twice each winter. Every time we saw our snowshoes or even our camping gear sadly staring back at us from our closet, we knew that there had to be a better way. Camping gear deserves to be used, and it needs to be easier to try new activities without spending hundreds of dollars on gear that you might use once or twice a year.

Foryst Rentals’ mission is to make it easier and more sustainable for all of us to enjoy the outdoors. By renting gear, our customers try out new outdoor activities that bring them a sense of joy and tranquility that we all experience when surrounded by trees and fresh air. In creating a peer-to-peer platform, our goal is to help active outdoor enthusiasts make use of their gear in their closet to fund their next adventure while inspiring others in their community to enjoy the outdoors.

Our Sustainability Mission

As an outdoor company, we strongly believe that every aspect of Foryst should focus on improving our natural spaces. That’s why we’re so passionate about connecting existing gear owners with interested customers. Through sharing our gear, we not only foster a community around the outdoors, but we reduce the likelihood of an unused product sitting in a closet, or worse, being tossed into a landfill to eventually end up in our natural spaces. We also hope that sharing allows our customers to rent from someone nearby, which reduces their time spent driving and their carbon footprint on the way to their outdoor adventure. We know that most of our customers drive to the parks where they use their rentals, which is why we partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for each order and help to offset our carbon impact. It’s a small step in the battle against climate change, but we feel it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to make positive change.

For every rental, we plant one tree through our partner.

Are you ready to help us make an impact while enjoying the outdoors? Book a rental now or post your gear for others to rent!

Where are we?

A Chicago-based company, Foryst Rentals currently only operates in the Chicagoland area. We operate out of Novel Coworking at 73 W. Monroe in the Loop, and we delivery rentals via Postmates across the city. We’re currently onboarding individual gear-owners who will rent their gear across the city, providing multiple pick up points for our customers and reducing the need to drive to the loop. We plan to expand to other cities soon, though. If you’re interested in Foryst coming to your city, let us know!