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Camera & Tripod (Nikon D3500)

From $39/weekend

Rent a camera and grow your photography skills with this easy-to-use camera. Save money by trying out the camera before you invest in buying one of your own. The camera, carrying case, and tripod all fit conveniently into a backpack for easy transportation.

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Pickup & Dropoff

" Available for pick up at 73 W. Monroe in the Loop or delivery via Postmates, we pack our rentals into easily transportable bags to carry whether you’re taking the train or tossing gear into your trunk. " Learn More.

Rental Details

This camera rental gives you a chance to try out your photography skills before investing in a camera of your own! This rental, including the tripod, packs into an easy-to-carry backpack, which makes it the perfect addition to add to your hiking trip if you’ve wanted to try your hand at nature photography.

Prefer to take shots of the city? You can easily carry the entire rental around with you on the CTA as you travel to the most scenic areas of the city.

If you’re going on a trip and want to save storage space on your phone while developing your photography skills, look no further. We’re happy to work with you if you’re planning a long trip and want to bring along a camera. Just reach out to hello@foryst.co and tell us about your plans.

If you’re a student enrolled in a photography class who wants to rent rather than buy, send us an email at hello@foryst.co as well. We’re happy to discuss ways we can help.

Our camera rental includes:

  • Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera w/ strap & carrying case
  • This two-lens camera rental comes with an 18-55mm wide lens and a 70-300mm telephoto lens for flexible shooting options
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • 128GB memory card (photos will be deleted immediately after your rental is returned)
  • Standard USB 3.0 & USB C adapter for copying photos from the SD card to your computer
  • Bluetooth photo transfer available via Nikon’s SnapBridge app
  • Portable carbon-fiber tripod that converts into a monopod for convenient nature photography

Rental Rules

Do not point at the sun!

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