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Women’s Snowshoes (120-200 lbs)

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These snowshoes are perfect for walking across snow! They’re surprisingly lightweight, and they easily fit over hiking boots, which makes them less heavy and clunky than other snowshoes.

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Pickup & Dropoff

" I can meet you anywhere in the loop to dropoff/pickup the snowshoes. They're light and easy to carry. Weekdays over lunch or before or after work are best, but I can also meet you on the weekends if needed. " Learn More.

Rental Details

Tubbs Frontier Women’s SnowshoeSize 258″x25″Weight: 3.8 lbsLoad (including if you’re wearing a backpack, etc.): 120-200 lbs

Rental Rules

Please only use the snowshoes in safe areas. Do not use them on groomed cross country ski trails.

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Demi & Greg's Outdoor Gear

We love camping and hiking and have the equipment to go with it. We also enjoy snowshoeing in the winter and own a few snowshoes. If you want to try out an activity but aren’t sure where to go, we can provide recommendations!

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We love hiking and camping in the summer. We also enjoy canoeing with our dog. In winter, we like to snowshoe and cross country ski.

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When in Yellowstone, we went to the Lamar Valley at sunrise to see wildlife. The fog was so thick we couldn't see more than a couple feet in front of us. We walked into the valley for about 10 minutes and waited to see if the fog would clear. While waiting, a chorus of wolves sounded nearby. We couldn't tell how close they were, but we listened to them for a while in the fog until a bison showed up walking straight towards us (too close).

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