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  • Fully Packed Camping Duffel
  • Packed Duffel Bag for Camping Trip

Customize a Camping Kit

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Tents from $14/weekend

Our camping rentals make it easy for you to escape to the outdoors for a weekend getaway. Whether it’s your first time camping or if you simply need a few items to round out your trip, we have you covered. All you have to do is click the button above, choose the items you need, and we’ll pack them into a wheeled duffel bag and/or backpack complete with instructions on how to use the equipment. Then you’re on your way to your camping adventure!

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Pickup & Dropoff

" Available for pick up at 73 W. Monroe in the Loop or delivery via Postmates, we pack our rentals into easily transportable bags to carry whether you’re taking the train or tossing gear into your trunk. " Learn More.

Rental Details

Choose from the following items
Tent w/ Rainfly
  • REI Co-op Camp Dome 4 (1-4 person)
  • REI Co-op Camp Dome 2 (1-2 person)
  • tarp footprint for the tent included

Sleep Gear

  • REI Helio Down sleeping bag (long, unisex, 30 degree rating)
  • Colman Twin air mattress w/ battery powered pump
  • REI insulated queen air mattress w/ manual pump

Camping Accessories

  • folding chair
  • hot dog / marshmallow roasters
  • flashlight w/ batteries
  • rechargeable lantern
  • first aid kit
  • cooler
  • dish set
  • cooking stove set

Duffel size: 30 x 16 x 13 inches

Note: The following items are not included in your rental, but you may want to bring to create the best camping experience.

  • pillows
  • extra blankets
  • food & snacks

Rental Rules

Bring back your gear clean and dry to prevent molding. If you have to pack an item up wet, please give us a heads-up.

Customer Reviews

  1. Great Equipment and Rental Experience

    Christine on

    I am very glad I chose to rent camping equipment from Foryst for my first camping trip! The sleeping bags were clean, comfortable, and warm. The sleeping pads were easy to inflate and also very comfortable, and the tent was clean and easy to setup. I was impressed with the quality of the equipment.

    The pick-up and drop-off was very smooth. It was also a very quick process to receive and return the equipment! The location in downtown is very convenient, especially compared to going to other outdoor stores. I have already recommended Foryst to several friends!

  2. First-time camper

    Johana on

    As a first time camper I highly recommend their rentals, the gear was clean the instructions were easy to understand and the tent protected us from the rain.

  3. Great experience on a rainy weekend

    Michael on

    Was extremely impressed with the cost, the gear, and the ease of which it was to pick up and drop off the equipment. The gear was put through a nice and rainy weekend and it held up great. The team was extremely efficient in communication throughout the entire process and given I was able to reserve this gear just a few days prior in a spur of the moment need, I’ll definitely be recommending and utilizing this service again in the near future.

  4. Perfect Camping Kit and Awesome Customer Service!

    Dylan R. on

    This was my first rental and by far this is the way to go! Equipment was in perfect shape and included everything we needed. Foryst went above and beyond making sure we had everything and making it super easy to pick-up and drop off. Demi was a pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend getting everything you need for your next adventure from Foryst!

  5. Great Kit and Service!

    Kyle on

    Pick-up and drop-off couldn’t have been easier, great customer service the whole way through too! Would recommend using the postmates option for pickup/drop-off, pretty awesome to be able to have camping equipment delivered to your door AND easy return after a long journey. The tent was perfect for our trip and the accessories/flashlights/chairs were really nice. Tent also came with a tarp which was one less thing we needed to buy. OH! Everything comes in a super nice gear bag: chairs, tent, mattress etc in one rolling bag. All high end equipment, our friends were all surprised just how cost effective this was for us.

  6. 1st Time Camper!

    Sharon on

    This was my first time going camping and Foryst Rentals made my experience easy and wonderful! I came across them by accident ( but we know nothing happens by accident!) and I gave them a call for some help and Demi helped me out! I explained to Demi that I was first time camper and she made sure that I had everything that I needed to make this experience great! The equipment is top notch, I received quite a few nods from the seasoned campers because I had top notch gear! Thank you again for making the process easy and my experience memorable! I am going back camping next month….

  7. Pristine equipment and incredible service

    Evan H. on

    My fiance and I did a two day rental for a Starved Rock weekend. When setting up camp I was just blown away at how new and fresh and clean everything was. The wheeled duffel bag had been expertly packed and came with neat typed instructions on how to use/setup the various pieces of equipment.

    Pickup and dropoff are downtown, but staff are quick to respond via text/phone and will work to accommodate you. The lobby is just off the curb so you aren’t lugging the pack around, but then there’s the aforementioned wheels so it wouldn’t even be an issue then.

    All equipment is high quality and kept in the most pristine working order.

    I could not even theoretically be happier with this service, and that’s not an exaggeration.

    Thank you so much, Foryst!

  8. Highly recommended

    Mikey P. on

    Very cheap price for renting a good size 4 person tent. Staff easy to approach and adaptable to your needs. Highly recommended.

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