Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about renting gear

How is pickup & drop-off handled?

Each gear owner on Foryst has a different pickup and drop-off process. When viewing a product, you can see their store rules and visit their store page for more information. On the product page, you also have the option to submit an inquiry if you have a special situation or need additional information.

What do we do if it rains on our trip? 

If any of the gear is wet, avoid packing until it is dry. If you have to leave and need to pack it up, do it at the last possible moment and notify the gear owner as soon as possible. DO NOT pack wet gear for longer than 4 hours if at all possible. If gear becomes unusable due to mold or mildew, you will be charged the full replacement costs.

What are the start and end dates for my rental?

All products are booked on a per-night basis. You will work within the gear owner’s rules to determine what time your rental must be picked up or returned.

Is there a deposit and why do I need to pay it?

We currently do not have a standard deposit on gear, but if we begin to notice rentals are suffering extreme abuse throughout use, we may implement a deposit policy to cover any damages and ensure the protection of our gear owners as well as ensuring customers have access to the same quality of product. If your rental is returned damaged (or not returned at all) we will have to charge your card on file an additional fee up to the full amount of the rental.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel with a full refund up to 48 hours before the scheduled start date of your rental. Cancellations between 24-48 hours before your rental will be refunded your rental fee minus 25% for late cancellation. Anything cancelled less than 24 hours before your rental will not be refunded.

Can I rent one or two items?

Of course! You can customize as needed for your experience. Many gear owners offer a range of products that you can choose from to create your perfect outdoor experience.

How long can I rent my items?

We ask that you limit your rental to 14 days. If you require additional time, please send us a message at

Where do I return my rental?

You will work with the gear owner to determine the return process. Typically the return location is the same as the pickup location.

What do I do if I’m stuck in traffic?

Let the gear owner know if you anticipate arriving later than the agreed upon time. Know that late returns may be subject to late fees.

Questions about posting gear for rent

What types of items can I post to rent?

Items we accept for renting include: tents, mattresses, sleeping bags/pads, rain shelters, chairs, tables, coolers, dishes, camp stoves/kitchens, camp accessories (flashlights, roasters, first aid kits, lighters), backpacks, hiking poles, dog camping/hiking accessories, paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, skis, cross country skis, snow shoes, sleds, telescopes, cameras, GoPros, bikes. 

Items not accepted for renting include: weapons of any kind, motorized equipment (boats, rvs, snowmobiles, etc.), clothing, shoes.

How new does the gear need to be to post? 

There is no specified age for equipment at this time. We require that any item posted for rent is in safe, fully functional condition, ready for hard use in the manner it is intended. When posting an item, you agree that you will maintain the gear to keep it in a safe, working condition at all times. In the event that it becomes unsafe or nonfunctional as intended, you must remove the product from the site.

What if someone damages my items? 

Let us know at Depending on the extent of the damage, we may charge the customer an additional damage fee.

If you have an expensive item and are concerned about damages, we recommend that you purchase commercial insurance for your items as well as a backup.

What if my items are returned late? 

If an item is returned late or excessively dirty (as in, it’s nearly unusable or will require professional cleaning), let us know by sending a detailed description with photos to

I have a trip planned and want to use my gear. Can I block off the dates?

Definitely! Instructions on how to block off dates are included in the set up guide once you create your store.

My rental was never returned, and I am unable to contact the renter. What do I do? 

Send us an email at and we will help.

I have a booking! How do I get my items to the renter? 

Determine a designated pick up spot located at or near the address you provided when signing up. You can meet renters at your home or in a nearby public space. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before the rental time in case the renter is early. If possible, pack all items in an easy-to-transport duffel, backpack, or wheeled bag to reduce the likelihood of something being forgotten.

Will I need to clean my gear? How often? 

Between each rental, you should at a minimum wipe down the gear to keep it clean and sanitary. If tents/tarps are returned dirty, we recommend washing them in warm water with a gentle Castille soap and hanging them to dry. This won’t damage the rain protection.

Can I add multiple items?

Absolutely! When adding items to your store, you can add as many as you want. We review each order before approving. Once approved, you will receive an email, and customers will immediately be able to rent your gear.

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