Foryst Rentals

Available for pick up at 73 W. Monroe in the Loop or delivery via Postmates, we pack our rentals into easily transportable bags to carry whether you’re taking the train or tossing gear into your trunk.


Our customizable kits allow you to choose only the items you need for your trip. We offer a 50% discount for multi-day rentals, which makes your weekend trip the same price as booking for one day.


Bring back your gear clean and dry to prevent molding. You can drop off in the Loop or return it via Postmates.

Get to Know the Owner

What is your favorite season?


List some of your favorite outdoor activities.

We enjoy hiking, car camping, mountain biking, backpacking, and more. We love taking our telescope up to Newport State Park, which is one of the few dark sky parks in the Midwest and has great views of Jupiter, Saturn, and the Andromeda galaxy. It's definitely an experience we would recommend!

What was your favorite outdoor experience?

Our team's favorite outdoor experiences are varied, and we have loved car camping across Yellowstone, hiking in Banff National Park, and mountain biking in Moab.