Rental Store Documentation

How to Create Your Store on Foryst

Here you will find detailed instructions for each step of creating your store for renting out your gear on Foryst. If you have any questions throughout the process, send us an email at

Sign Up Page


To create your account, enter the email you will use to manage your bookings. 

**All communications will be sent to this email, including notice of rentals. Make sure to use an email that you check regularly. 

Basic Store Information

Contact Info

Here you’ll add your first and last name as well as a phone number. This information is private and will not be shared with customers.


Use the address where your gear is located. In a later section, you will be asked to list your pick up address. The exact address won’t display on Foryst, but customers will see a map of the general area to know where they would have to go to pick up your gear.

Store Name

The “Store Name” field creates a “store” that groups together your products, and you will manage all products and orders through your store (similar to an Etsy shop). Make your store name informative but feel free to add personality!

Get Started

We do have specific terms you must comply with to rent your gear, and we ask that you review and agree to those terms before signing up. We also require that all gear owners be at least 18 years of age to rent their gear.

Personalize Your Store

Now that you’ve created your store, the next step is to answer store-specific questions to establish trust with potential customers and add personality to your store. Click on the link in your dashboard to begin personalizing your store.

Profile Photo

Here’s your chance to show off your outdoor adventures! We do ask that your store profile photo includes you so customers know you’re a real person that they will meet when picking up items. 

Store Description

Here you can provide a short bio for customers to understand how to work with you, why you love the outdoors, and any other pieces of information you want to share.


This page allows your love for the outdoors to truly shine! Similar to the store photo, these questions help customers to trust you as a real person, and your outdoor adventures might inspire someone to go on some of their own.

Pick-Up Address

The pick-up address is where you plan to meet your customers to drop off/pick up the gear. For privacy reasons, the exact address won’t display on the website. Instead, customers will see the location for your store to allow them to search by places close to them, but the address won’t display. When they book, you can provide the exact address or coordinate a pick up place with them, such as meeting at a nearby Starbucks.

Add Your First Product

Now that you’ve personalized your store, you can add your first product for rent! Click on the link in your dashboard to be directed to the new product page. You can also access it by clicking “Products” in the navigation tabs. 


The first step in adding a product is to include a title and a short overview of the item. The title should be informative, and the excerpt should help customers understand why they should rent this product from you. They next page has room for a longer description.

At any point in time, you can also click “Save Draft” to come back and edit later. 


In the detailed description field, we recommend providing specifications of the product(s) so customers know exactly what it is. For example, instead of saying “tent” describe it as “4-person tent with 2 doors and two mesh windows”. This allows customers to more clearly understand your product and if it meets their needs. Since many of our customers are trying these activities for the first time, explaining why these features are important will also help them to see the value in your gear. 

Item condition helps us understand the quality of the gear to ensure it is safe for use by our customers. 


This is where you set the rules for your rentals. 

In Pick-up/drop-off details, describe when how you would prefer to meet customers and the times you are available to facilitate the rental.

Minimum days’ notice allows you to set a standard for how far in advance you’ll know about a rental. For example, inputting 2 means customers will not be able to book earlier than 2 days from the present. If today is Tuesday, then the earliest a customer could book would be Thursday.

Buffer after days allows you to set a break between rentals. If you choose 1, then there will be 1 day added to the end of the rental where other customers are unable to book.

Rental Rules are important to set if you have any standard around your gear. For example, if your item is a tent, you might require no smoking in the tent. 


To ensure the safety of our customers, we require you verify that you will maintain the safety of your items or remove them if they become unsafe.

For bikes, water sports, and downhill ski/snowboarding, we also require you upload a photo of the helmet for customers to use as part of the rental. We know sizes won’t fit everyone, but we ask that you have that as an option. We also encourage you to post the helmet individually in case someone needs to rent it to round out their trip.


Here you will upload at least 2 photos of your gear. Stock photos are not allowed as we want customers to see exactly what it is that they will be renting.


Base cost: This is only applied once and will be the minimum amount for an order. 

Cost per day: This cost is added on top of the base cost for each day of a rental. 

Once you click “Submit”, we will review your product to make sure everything is in order. You will receive an email notifying you your product is approved or if we have any clarifications.

You can add as many products as you like to your store for rent!

Navigating Your Dashboard

Adding/Maintaining Products

On your dashboard, you use the “Products” tab to add new products and edit existing products.

Orders Tab

Here you see an overview of all orders placed with your store.

Order=The order number. You can click here to see more information about the order.

Purchased=The item(s) purchased. Click here to see the item.

Gross Sales=The total amount the customer paid.

Earnings=The amount you will receive for the order.

Date=The date the order was placed.

Actions= The eye allows you to view details. The square with arrows allows you to refund the order if for some reason you are unable to fulfill it. 

Viewing Order

On the Order page, you see the full information for the order and message the customer to discuss dropping off the rental.

Once an order is completed, click “Submit Rental Closeout” to close the order.

If there is an issue with the order, click “Order Support Request” to let us know. 


The calendar tab allows you to easily see your rentals for the month. 

Note: blocked dates that you add (such as for vacations) will not show up in this section. To view/block dates, head to the “Settings” tab.

Inquiries Tab

This section is where you will manage communication with customers. When a customer submits a question through the “Ask a question” field on your product page, you will receive an email and a notification to respond to the inquiry. You can do so through this screen. 

To read more about the inquiry, click on the green text under “Query”. 

If you want to reply immediately, click the “Reply” arrow on the far right.

Once you click on the inquiry, you will be directed to this screen where you can learn more information and write the response. You can also add an attachment, if needed. 

Any additional responses from the customer will appear in Inquiries tab.


The Bookings tab provides more detailed information on the booking itself than the orders tab.

Booking=Clicking here pulls up information on the booking.

Product=The product rented

Order=Order number

Start Date=The start date of the rental

End Date=The return date of the rental

Support Tab

This tab allows you to submit a support request to Foryst via the “Submit Request” button in the top right.

As we create new documentation answering questions, we will post that documentation in this tab. Check back for updates!

Settings Tab

In this tab you manage all settings for your store.

Store Profile

This section allows you to update your basic store information that you provided during setup.

Store Personalization

Here you can change your responses to the questions your provided during store personalization.

Earnings Withdrawal

In this section, you will add your PayPal information to receive payment. At this time, we are only able to disburse payments via PayPal. 

Update Blocked Dates

Use this section to block off dates where you will be unavailable to manage rentals, such as when you are on vacation.

Payments Tab

In this tab, you can see the history of your payouts through Foryst. You also have the option to request a payout by clicking on the “Withdrawal” button.

*Note: payouts are disbursed after the completion of the rental and will not be disbursed earlier. 


Green notifications will display on the alarm bell in the upper right when there are items for you to review. When you click the notifications, you will be taken to a screen where you can review further. You will receive a notification when a customer asks you a question, books an order, and when your products have been approved.

Renting Gear from Other Stores

Creating a store account also automatically generates a rental account. In your rental account, you can see rentals where you are the customer renting from other stores. To access your rental account, go to “My Stuff” and click on “My Rentals”. This will take you to the rental dashboard.

In the dashboard, you can easily manage all of your rentals as a customer. A breakdown of the tabs is provided below.

My Rentals: Here you can see information on rentals you’ve booked.

Addresses: This is for your billing address.

Payment Methods: This allows you to edit your default payment methods for rentals.

Account Details: Here you manage your name and login information.

Inquiries: This is where responses to your inquiries to other stores will display.

Store Manager: Clicking here will redirect you to the Store Manager page to manage your store.

Logout: Clicking this logs you out of your account.